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Thread: Redhat hangs on reboot after Zimbra install

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    Default Redhat hangs on reboot after Zimbra install

    I got Zimbra installed on a RH4 server. I thought everything was ok, I did a reboot and my console would never return a login screen. If I telnet in, I can see these running processes:
    1808 /bin/bach /etc/rc.d/rc 5
    3439 initlog -q -c /etc/rc5.d/S99zimbra start
    3440 /bin/bash /etc/rc5.d/S99zimbra start
    3442 su -zimbra -c zmcontrol startup >/opt/zimbra/startup.log 2>&1

    If I kill process 3442, I immediatley get my console login and the server is ok again.
    Then I went in and started zimbra manually (zmcontrol) the antispam and antivirus show as not running. Then when I get to the zimbra console, it shows antivirus/antispam/stats with a big red X

    Where do I start with this one?

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    I've still got this issue. I thought maybe it was because the antispam/antivirus wasn't working correctly, so I disabled those 2 from the zimbra admin control panel.

    The next reboot, it still hangs. Now I don't plan on rebooting this thing very often, but its really bugging me! Something isn't right. What logs should I be looking at to give me an idea?
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    Default Possible Fix

    I had the same or similar issue which was caused by Selinux trying to change the context of a user from the zimbra init startup script. I fixed it by changing all instances of "su - zimbra" in the startup script to "/sbin/runuser - zimbra".

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    I'm pretty sure zimbra recommends disabling selinux. Actually i see everywhere that disabling it is recommended.

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    We're working to enable SELinux, but currently it is not a support config:
    Bug 16407 - Support SE Linux (selinux)

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