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Thread: Where's the IMPORT in Zimbra Desktop 7.2.1 GA ???

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    Default Where's the IMPORT in Zimbra Desktop 7.2.1 GA ???

    If looked in Help and all over the web, but I'm trying to import contacts and all the instructions seem to tell me to do Preferences>Import/Export. I can't find an import/export ANY where.

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    I belive you working in HTML mode...Convert to Ajax mode (Advanded Mode) from Preference and try for import/export option you will get....
    Md Safeek

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    Default New start

    I have just started Zimbra.

    Last night, slow connection, download all of my yahoo inbox - 600 entries. Great job, I can read my emails off-line!

    But many of my emails were moved to folders in Yahoo. When I right-click those folders in Zimbra, it says they are in synch. I cannot get Zimbra to download the emails in those folders.

    Secondly, getting ready to export/backup my emails when downloading is complete, I JUST CANNOT FIND HOW TO DO THIS. No menu bar or buttons to push.


    There hasn't been a reply in a few days, other than from this interesting application itself. The folders have been filling up, in reverse alphabetic order, and not yet complete. The export path, albeit a little obtuse, has been found. It will be interesting to backup, install Zimbra on another machine, and import the backup.

    One question: all outbox items bar one have been sent, given some delay in some instances. The exception had an attachment, and I had to send it via yahoo, which happened quickly while sitting in the Zimbra outbox from which I then deleted the email. Any ideas?
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