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Thread: install zimbra desktop in multi user env (XP)

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    Default install zimbra desktop in multi user env (XP)


    is there any fine manual to guide me to install zimbra desktop in multi user environment (windows xp)?

    i can installed it for administrator privileges user. but when i tried to run it as normal user, it cannot load.

    thank you

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    we don't yet have good support for multi-user environment.

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    Default Workaround?

    See the Thread I started;
    [SOLVED] Desktop gives error on startup

    We have a so-so workaround for PC that only have 1 non-admin user.

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    Default on roadmap for 1.0 ?

    I just installed ZDbeta3 and I was happy with. While Using ZD and looking in Directory structure I had the same question. What about Multi User specially with our Ubuntu workstations. Is there any plan for Multi User in 1.0 ? Is there a release date for 1.0 ?

    Thanks a lot,

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    in 1.0 the goal is to allow a single user install and use zdesktop in a multi user environment and protect his data from unauthorized access. true multi-user environment support will come after 1.0.

    1.0 will be released in Q4.

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