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Thread: 邀请所有学习和使用Zimbra的朋友加入QQ群

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    Arrow 邀请所有学习和使用Zimbra的朋友加入QQ群

    我是一个使用Zimbra的新手,我想通过建立一个群让所有的朋友都能讨论咨询Zimbra的 相关问题。
    QQ群号是:34712221 加入该群请在申请上作简单说明,以免误加!

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    I translated the post into English. This is the best I could do:

    hello: I am a novice which uses Zimbra, I want through to establish a group to enable all friends all to discuss consult Zimbra the related question. The QQ group number is: 34.712221 million joins this crowd please to give the simple explanation in the application, avoids error Canada! My MSN is:

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