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Thread: Problem using Zimbra DeskTop -Help me Urgent...

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    Default Problem using Zimbra DeskTop -Help me Urgent...

    I have problems when synchronizing from the Zimbra Desktop, leaves the following error to me: account already exists: null

    and it does not leave some form to me to follow step 3, since is not visible this option. (it remains in step 2 of 3) please its aid to be able to prove this new alternative.

    Thank you very much

    Miguel Angel Corcuera

    Help me Urgent...

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    Uninstall, and reinstall the client.

    Plus, remember this is alpha. That means that if it's urgent, you should probably use the normal web ui

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    Default Download messages to archive...

    Thank you very much by the answer. There is some form to store the post office to some type of file? in order to avoid that the mailbox fills and not to have to extend quota?

    Example : Exchange ---> PST File
    : Zimbra ---->xxx File ???

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