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Thread: Outlook 2003 export to Zimbra

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    Default Outlook 2003 export to Zimbra

    Hi, very much a newbie here, hope you can help.

    I have imported a fairly sizeable pst file, but it does not show in my contacts. It is there, sometimes occasionally the whole list of contacts appears, but as soon as I do anything within Zimbra I can't get back to them. Their location says: Local Folders and Primary account on the top right hand side and I can bring some of them up with a search.

    The contacts I have manually added are always there by default it seems.

    The panel on the far left is headed Local Folders, and lists contacts, emailed contacts and trash. The contacts I put in manually appear when I click on contacts, and emailed contacts works ok too, but it is not giving me access to the large set of contacts I imported. I gave them their own file name but that doesn't appear anywhere.

    Help me before I scratch my eyes out please!!

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    What version of Zimbra are you using? How many contacts were there in PST file?

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