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    Default Zimbra Favorites

    Hi Everyone

    I am brand new to Zimbra and still trying to figure out if it will work for me so far so good. I went from Outlook to Thunderbird and I'm really not happy with Thunderbird.

    The one thing I miss in Outlook is the favorites folder at the top. I have about 10 emails that I monitor so I would put all of the Inboxes as favorites. This way they were all at the top and I could see at a glance if there was any new mail.

    Is there anything similar or any way at all I can do this in Zimbra?

    Thank you for your help


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    Quote Originally Posted by ttrs View Post
    Is there anything similar or any way at all I can do this in Zimbra?
    There is a combined Inbox that shows all of the mail in your various accounts are listed there (as well as in their individual mailboxes).


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