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Thread: Opening ZDB file - Have only Zimbra Desktop at my disposal

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    Default Opening ZDB file - Have only Zimbra Desktop at my disposal


    I searched all over the forums, and I'm certain the answer is obvious and I've overlooked it - but would appreciate some help.

    I have a file on my computer called "Outlook.zdb" which as far as I been able to tell is some sort of mail archive.

    I running OSX and have the Zimbra Desktop client, Zimbra Web Interface and (Mac) "Mail" at my disposal, yet I can't seem to find any way to import or otherwise open this file.

    I thought I would be able to import it directly into Zimbra but I get an error when I attempt to do so:

    "Not allowed to import to root folder for this type"

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    It's an outlook PST file. Take a copy of it so you don't damage the original at all and rename the extension to PST. At a guess I would assume one of the pieces of software you have should be able to import it then.

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