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Thread: Name change on server not reflected in Zimbra desktop

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    Default Name change on server not reflected in Zimbra desktop

    I have created a Zimbra account on the server ( In Zimbra desktop I added that account. No problem here.
    Now I want to change the e-mail address from to
    In setup, I click edit but can't change it there. So I go to the server and edit my account there. This works.
    I expected that the Zimbra desktop would throw an error that it can't login anymore but ... no problems at all but ... with the old name and e-mail address (
    I try to add a new account to Zimbra desktop ( but it says that the name already exists with the reference to the ID of the original account on the server. So I'm stuck with the old name in ZD.

    My workaround was to delete the account ( on ZD and add the new one ( It will start syncing and all is OK again.

    Should the changing of an e-mail address be somewhat easier?

    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by zimbwa View Post
    Should the changing of an e-mail address be somewhat easier?
    It should, but it isn't. The cause is your account is identified by the "ID", and not by email-address.

    I just figured this out too, after having migrated all accounts to a new server, which assigns new ID's and therefore breaks ZD.

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