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Thread: service.FAILURE: system failure: SMTP connect failure

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    Default service.FAILURE: system failure: SMTP connect failure

    Please help.

    Since installing Zimbra Desktop about 2 weeks ago it has worked fine for both sending and receiving emails.

    Today - for no obvious reason - I can receive emails but I cannot send them.

    On checking the account set-up - if I click on Validate & Save it gives me this message:
    "service.FAILURE: system failure: SMTP connect failure"

    I have not changed anything.

    I have now re-set the CORRECT username and password info on all 3 accounts but it still will not send. The info was correct anyway, and did not need re-setting, but it just made sense to double check.

    Now what do I do?????????

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    i'm also trying to change the port in Zimbra Desktop, but still failed.
    It show warning: service.FAILURE: system failure: SMTP connect failure

    Is there any update for Zimbra Desktop according to this error? i'm using zimbra destop 7


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    I have also had this same problem with version 7 beta 2 when trying to connect to my work imap server.

    The settings I have in Zimbra v7 b2 work fine in version Zimbra v2 but I have problems with Gmail so have had to switch to 1.0.4 in order to fix problem.

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