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Thread: Not able to Stop Sync

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    Exclamation Not able to Stop Sync

    Hi All,

    We are using ZCS & want to use Zimbra Desktop as the IMAP client. But we do not want a local download of the mails to the client PCs.

    In many previous posts, blogs & Zimbra discussions, it has been stated that the sync can be stopped by right clicking on the folder & select "stop sync".

    Unfortunately, our Zimbra Desktop is not showing that option & thus we are not able to stop the local download of the mails.

    OS - 2008 Windows Server
    Zimbra Desktop Version - 2.0 build 10514

    Any suggestions?

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    I am also very interested in that feature - Syncing 120 GB of Mail for every User is NO option!

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    Still this feature is not added in ZD 7.2.1

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    I have the same problem on my Zimbra desktop 7.2.2 GA Version

    as you can see in this image:

    How can we solve this issue?

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