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Thread: Need template function in email

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    Default Need template function in email

    I need to be able to create email templates with attachments so that I can send the same emails to all my new contacts on an ongoing basis. Without this capability, it will not be efficient for me to use Zimbra.

    Will you add this in the very near future?

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    Default How do you load email templates zimlet?

    I downloaded the email templates zimlet files and unzipped them.

    Now I have these files:
    com_zimbra_emailtemplates XML Document
    emailtemplates Cascading Style Sheet Document
    emailtemplates Jscript Script File

    I do not see an exe file that loads the zimlet.
    So what do I need to do now?


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    You need to read the instructions on how to deploy a zimlet. There is good documentation in the manual.

    @Raj - lol
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