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Thread: all mails to inbox

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    Default all mails to inbox


    i am getting some genuine mails to junk folder. i would like to transfer all the mails to inbox itself and not to junk folder, even junk mails... how to do that one. pls help

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    Marking them as "not junk" should train the spam engine eventually.
    Or you'd need to change the spam sensitivity levels but that will affect all users in the domain.

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    BUT you can use dspam :-)
    here you can build manually groups and set per user the level
    also train individually

    you can get help with that at the dpsam docu and maillinglists

    BUT big downside is that dspam isnt documented in zimbra at all
    also big down (but solveable) is that dpsam is by default config for hashdriver
    which should be changed to any sql driver (i dont get it why it isnt by default by zimbra)

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    You really should look at getting the training for the spam filters, but there is a way to override.

    Have a look at this bug: Bug 34059 – Disable filtering per account / domain / cos

    I believe the property you want to set for the user is amavisBypassSpamChecks but I'm not sure exactly. As the bug hints at, you can find a list of the properties possible by looking at the file /opt/zimbra/conf/attrs/amavisd-new-attrs.xml. If my guess right right, it's something like:

    zmprov ma +amavisBypassSpamChecks TRUE
    According to the bug, this can also be done on a cos/domain level as well.

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    i think he is talking about ajusting spam level on user /domain / cos base not disabling.

    why dont use zimbra dspam as a primary, and you use dpsam with hash driver?
    dpsam with mysql would fit perfectly to zimbra
    and all the needed options are already there (user based settings and more important user/group based training) which is very flexible

    dspams most problem is on pop3 server and user dont training their filter and admins not configuring for this case properly - but in zimbra its a perfect enviroment (with the spam folder and autodelete after xx days)

    i also do not understand why zimbra (more or less) recommend a seperate spambox but has built in very good qualitys which are almost or not configureable (not in the common interface and it make no sense configure spam and account seperate)

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