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Thread: Zimbra is not starting

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    Default Zimbra is not starting

    Hello, I try Zimbra one. Because try to use Zimbra server, install and try Desktop version. ZD 1 is / sorry for my words / funny. Now I saw that 2 Beta resolve many things what I need, and try to install ZD 2 beta 2 and ZD 3 beta 3, install was good but no start. I have Win 7. Normal. What I install, was starting. No problem. I turn off Firewall, Antivirus, try to reinstall, few time and nothing. No reaction. No start. Somebody can help me with this or is not for Win 7?

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    I resolve this problem. Last time I play with Ubuntu 5 years before. Funny.
    Just need to run from CDM C:\Program Files\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop\win32\cscript zdrun.vbs Of course, I had also deactivated scripting host, securiti reason. So if you have, active. I dont undrestend so much on scripting and ... but this Zimbra start for me is little be strange.

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