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Thread: Strip attachments and save to a network drive

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    Default Strip attachments and save to a network drive

    Hello all,
    We are trying to complete our migration from mailman to Zimbra, however there is one stopping point, we have three mailing lists that when sent to will strip the attachments from them and copy them to a network drive automatically.

    Is there any way possible to do this with Zimbra?

    Thanks again in advance.

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    There isn't a easy way built in. You could go about it in various ways. A couple ways (and not limited to) are:

    * Have a copy of the messages to a mailing list sent to an account. Create a utility using SOAP to connect to the account to pull out attachments from emails in that account.

    * Have a copy of the messages to a mailing list sent to an account. Use WebDAV to access the /attachments folder and copy them off.

    I'm sure there are many other ways to automatically grab attachments and save them off.

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