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Thread: Autocomplete Shared Contacts ZD2B3

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    Default Autocomplete Shared Contacts ZD2B3


    It seems that Autocompletition for shared Contact Folders ist not working in ZD - in WebUI it works perfectly!

    Are there plans that this feature will be available in the Release Version of Zimbra Desktop 2.0?


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    I also need this solution!

    Please, correct this.

    Best Regards, Piero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreakEROS View Post
    I also need this solution!

    Please, correct this.
    Problems don't get fixed by making comments in the forums. You need to see if there's any bug report filed for the problem and if not then file a report with a complete description and exact steps to reproduce, that will get a problem investigated.

    BTW, it would also help when posting in the forums if you gave details of which version & release of the product you are actually using.


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    Default Bugzilla reference

    Bug 48428 – shared contacts not searched in for autocomplete

    I have the same issue on ZD so we can start reporting now ;-)

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