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    Default Load view settings


    The worst thing for me at the moment is that Zimbra doesn't remember the view settings. (Both the beta's and the production client).

    When I load zimbra desktop, I always have to set the columns width first. My "From" is to small, I would like to see from whom the mail is. The left frame is always to small, I have a few subfolders and longer names for folders and i hate to see horizontal scrollbars. Then the screenposition, it always opens up at my primary monitor, while I closed it when it was on my secondary monitor.

    Why doesn't zimbra remember these things? It's quite annoying to resize everything when it starts up.

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    I agree...the web version doesn't remember either, which could easily be done with a cookie. There's not much point in taking the time to configure the view how you want if you have to perform those same steps every single time you log into Zimbra. I'm trying to track down a bug report on this one...I assume we aren't the first people to notice this behavior.

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    I too face a similar issue. The next time i load Zimbra, it doesn't remember the earlier settings. I am surprised though that the problem exists in the web version, which is easy to implement using a cookie. If anyone gets to know a solution or the bug number, please share it with me as well.

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