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Thread: Installing ZD2B2 and ZD1.03 on same system : why is it not recommended ?

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    Default Installing ZD2B2 and ZD1.03 on same system : why is it not recommended ?


    Our office users have been using the ZCS 6.x web interface so I'd like to bring the same improvements to our sales team using laptops which are still under 1.03.

    As such, I'd like to test the software on my own laptop but I need access to my e-mails offline so I'd like to keep both versions while I do my tests.

    What are the problems/drawbacks this could cause ?

    I couldn't find this information anywhere in the FAQ, release notes, stickies or zd2 posts in this subforum.

    Another question : is there any way to sync contacts between a BB and ZD/ZCS without having to use Outlook ? Mails works fine OTA but contacts, calendars and tasks are an issue.


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    I don't know of any drawbacks. I've been using ZWC (on FF3.5.9), ZD1.03 and, for the past 10 days, ZD2b1 on my Fedora11 laptop and haven't come across any issues.

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    If I remember the announcement post correctly, for most OS's there technically wasn't a problem with having both installed at the same time, on windows however something was conflicting in the Prism installs between the two versions.

    However I think this has been fixed in ZD2.0b2 as the announcement simply states not to run them both at the same time.

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