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Thread: Save Column Settings - Web and Stand Alone

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    Default Save Column Settings - Web and Stand Alone

    Is there a way to save changes a user may make to the column settings in the client (both web and stand-alone)? I think it is great that we can re-arrange them, like in Outlook, but this is not a "sticky" setting, and it goes away after a log-off.

    I know it's kind of a small thing, but my users will appreciate it.

    By the way, we really like Zimbra - our business model includes multiple email addresses per user, and Zimbra really nails this. Thanks in Advance!


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    I agree! Happening to me now in latest version.

    Hard to believe this post from 3 years ago hasn't been answered and hasn't been fixed in ZD.

    Why does a nice professional program like ZD have a really amateur problem like display settings not being saved?

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