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Thread: Question for the devs : ZCS 6.0 GA and Zimbra Desktop

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    Default Question for the devs : ZCS 6.0 GA and Zimbra Desktop

    First of all, great news on ZCS 6 GA. I've been looking forward to quite a few features in there.

    However, this begs a question : since zd closely mirrored the zcs 5 ajax experience, are the new features in the web client scheduled to be implemented in zdesktop ?

    One that comes to mind is obviously read receipts but there are a few other in there as well.

    Not really asking for a timetable, just would like to know a bit more about what's your plan for the desktop application in the future.


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    Zimbra Desktop 2.0 will be built from GNR/main aka ZCS 6.0
    Zimbra Desktop 1.0.1+ can sync with ZCS 6.0

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