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Thread: YZD operations do not repeat online...ok?!?

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    Default YZD operations do not repeat in Yahoo via browser...ok?!?

    Hi there,

    I have setup my Yahoo account with YZD and started by getting my data synced. After this has concluded (with several breaks) the following action seems not quite in sync.

    1) Yahoo Webmail shows 5 new messages
    2) YZD shows 5 new messages

    3) I read messages in YZD and move them to trash

    4) Yahoo Webmail shows 5 new messages
    5) YZD shows 5 read messages in trash

    6) Send / Receive doesn't do anything

    7) Yahoo Webmail shows 5 new messages

    I might have misunderstood the way this setup is supposed to work, but shouldn't my actions within Zimbra be synced against my Yahoo account ??

    Thanks for clearing this up,
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