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Thread: Duplicate Emails iMAP/Exchange

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    Default Duplicate Emails iMAP/Exchange

    Am running latest Zimbra desktop against my Exchange 2007 mailbox setup via IMAP. Invariably my inbox will fill with duplicates of the same message. It is somewhat inconsistent, but continues to happen.

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    Typically, I get multiples of the same message when it gets stuck in the queue. For whatever reason, the mail thinks that it has not successfully transferred to the client so it keeps resending the same message. I go into the mailbox on the server using OWA and delete the offending message. You can find the message in the logs.

    This is just a workarond to keep mail flowing until you figure out what is causing the message to get stuck.


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    Default Duplicate Mails on Gmail Imap

    While others report 2/3 duplicates of their mail, I have thousands of duplicate mails. I use Zimbra Desktop to IMAP access my gmail a/c. I notice that duplicates are seen only in mails which have been labeled in Gmail. I have the same folders (tags) in Zimbra.

    I check all forums and FAQ. Have not found any solution. Can you help? TIA

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    This is an old thread, but I am having the same problem with ZDesktop Beta 2. I filed a bug report here:

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