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Thread: Can I use ZD to migrate from IMAP server to ZCS?

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    Default Can I use ZD to migrate from IMAP server to ZCS?

    I have recently purchased a hosted Zimbra account and now I have a problem of migrating my existing IMAP server contents to the hosted ZCS.

    I know of the imapsync trick, but I was wondering whether I can use Zimbra Desktop to achieve the same effect? The logic behind this is that since Zimbra Desktop PULLS all e-mail from the IMAP server to local disk anyway, can it be made to PUSH the recently copied e-mails to a new ZCS account?

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    You can sync your imap account to ZD, then Options-Export to tgz, then Preferences-import that tgz to the Zimbra server.

    But if your hoster allows it, you can also simply define the external imap account in Preferences-Accounts, and save the round trip.

    The ZD route would give you more insight into any errors, a permanent local copy, and save some server load.

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