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    Default html mails and gpg

    yesterday i installed zimbra desktop 1.0 (build 1517) on a windows vista 32bit system.
    first i have to thank you for an easy mailprogram. i was looking for a long time to find a program i can write emails with different accounts in one program!

    but i have a question. i would like to read only specific mails in html. otherwise i would like to use the plaintext-function. is there a possibility to switch between plaintext and html in the mainwindow (like the extension "html allow" in thunderbird)? it is uncomfortable to go every time back to the optionmenu.

    i hope you can help me. i didnīt find a similar topic and i thought to start a new one.... and sorry for my terrible english.

    ps: and i find a thread for gpg at zimbra but only for zcs. will come a gpg module also for the desktop version?
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    Default Just submitted a new RFE

    Just submitted this request for enhancement (RFE).

    Bug 37964 – RFE: Ability to switch between HTML and Plain when displaying messages

    Please vote for it. Login account to the bugzilla is required.

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