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Thread: ZDesktop: Are Gigs of shared folders also synchronized?

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    Arrow ZDesktop: Are Gigs of shared folders also synchronized?


    we have about 100 Users on the latest OSS Version (my profile is outdated, sorry)
    and many shared folders which are up to 4 or 5 gigabytes in size.

    These folders are automatically mounted in every users account.

    Are they synchronized to the ZDesktop client? Will the client download all of the 5 gigs of mail for every shared folder?

    And if yes, is there a possibility to control the synchronization settings on a folder/account basis?

    Or are shared folders only available in online mode?


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    Currently sharing is only available in online-mode (not sync'ed)

    In the future if we ever to support syncing of shared folders, we will certainly give admin controls on sync behaviors.

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    I think you should have user controls on sync behaviors, too.

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