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Thread: Missing Exchange Calendar Entries

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    Default Missing Exchange Calendar Entries

    After installing Zimbra Desktop Client Mac version and pointing to Exchange server calendar entries seem to be hit and miss as to which ones show up and which ones are not. I have an Entourage client on the same MAC pointed at the same Exchange server and the calendars should have the same appointments but the Zimbra calendar is missing many entries. PS I also have a Outlook 2007 client (also same Exchange server) running on a XP image on VMWare Fusion and it's calendar is a match with Entouage.

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    we currently don't support calendar sync with exchange.

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    that said, that's something high on the road map feature list.

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    Default Clarification

    Quote Originally Posted by jjzhuang View Post
    we currently don't support calendar sync with exchange.
    Can you expand a little further on what this means? I've been using Zimbra Desktop for a while now to sync with my companies Exchange server (Exchange IMAP) and the calendar seems to sync fine for the most part. Accepting new and updated appointments with ZDesktop applies them to my Exchange calendar. I do have the same issue as the original poster however where appointments sometimes refuse to appear in the ZDesktop calendar. Usually switching accounts causes the calendar to "refresh" but sometimes I have to re-start the application.

    Does your statement simply mean that you are aware of these issue and have yet to officially address them? Sorry for pushing on this... just wondering what the current state of affairs is with this and if you have a rough idea of when the Exchange calendar issue might be addressed.


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    Default Would be nice for zimbra to process exchange meeting requests

    Bug 32651 – Accept exchange MS-TNEF calendar invitation in Zimbra desktop

    I guess you could vote for that bug, it would be a good step in the right direction.

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