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Thread: Considering Zimbra - Need advice

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    Default Considering Zimbra - Need advice

    I read through the FAQ, several discussion threads, the comparison of the Zimbra editions, comparison to Outlook and Thunderbird, and I STILL have questions and am a bit confused.

    My goal is as follows:
    1. I have a Yahoo Email account that I use for personal and business reasons. I have gmail and several account as well. At present, I want to be able to view all these email from one central location, on my PC and from my blackberry. My blackberry currently gets all that email already though, so I am OK about continuing with that.

    2. I have dozens of foldrers in Yahoo Mail and want to be able to sync my Yahoo mail folders with folders on that central location.

    3. Further, Yahoo Mail does not allow me to have sub-folders within mail folders like Outlook does (which I use at work). I'd really like that.

    3. I share my Yahoo Calendar with others and want to retain that functionality within the mail client that I choose as well.

    Zimbra desktop seemed like the closest fit for what I am looking for. Does YZD do all of the above?

    1. Do I need Yahoo Mail Plus to be able to view my Yahoo Mail, mail folders and Calendar within Zimbra?

    Your help and insight is greatly appreciated!


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    Can anyone reply to this please? I'd appreciate any help or advice.

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    Hi srini28 - first post here from a new Zimbra Desktop user.

    I recently started using the Ajax-based Zimbra interface within my Firefox browser when my company switched to using Zimbra. Just a couple of days ago I downloaded Zimbra Desktop because I also wanted to have IMAP access to my Yahoo free email accounts. As I understand it, Zimbra provides the only path to IMAP access to your Yahoo accounts, and I see that it works very well. You don't need Yahoo Mail Plus - I don't have it.

    I don't use the calendar functions, but I think you have to switch to a new beta version of the Yahoo Calendar to make it sync with Zimbra. That may be an issue for you, but Yahoo does explain the restrictions of the beta Calendar when you try to switch over.

    Regarding subfolders, as I understand it the folders you see for your Yahoo account in Zimbra are the same as those you see when you login to Yahoo through your browser - i.e. they can't be nested. I just tried to create a new folder in my Yahoo account through Zimbra, then move it to an existing folder as a new subfolder, but it didn't work. On my work-based Zimbra account, though, I can make nested folders anytime.

    Anyway, you're only about 10 minutes away from downloading ZImbra Desktop, installing it, and configuring your IMAP accounts (including Yahoo, Gmail, hotmail, etc). Why not just give it a spin?

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    Very good answers from Zapped!

    Also in build 1482 we have disabled the ability to create subfolders in a yahoo account just to avoid confusion.

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