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Thread: [SOLVED] Can't setup Zimbra account

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    Default [SOLVED] Can't setup Zimbra account

    When Iím trying to setup a Zimbra account, I receive the following error:
    "Service error. Please check your server settings; verify your email address, password or IMAP access (if required)."
    My server is ZCS-4.5.11.
    I can setup a POP/IMAP account successfully for the same account.
    I can setup Gmail account successfully.
    Can someone help me, please?

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    4.5 servers are no longer supported. The error message is very misleading for sure.

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    I've just spent a while trying to sort the same problem.

    Unfortunately Zimbra on your Desktop says:

    * Works with both Open Source and Network Edition (ZCS 4.5+ servers)
    That is the only version information I found on the way to downloading. Very frustrating, since I don't have an upgrade path from 4.5 at the moment.

    Perhaps the page above (at least) could be edited. Also is there an earlier build of Desktop that I can use with 4.5?


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    thanks for pointing out about the wrong info. i filed this bug Access Denied

    unfortunately there's no 4.5 support any more. you should consider upgrade to 5.0. why do you say you don't have upgrade path?

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