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Thread: External Addressbook and Freebusy

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    Default External Addressbook and Freebusy

    I normally use Evolution, have just started using Zimbra desktop and have found two show-stoppers. I am have also installed a test version of ZCS 5.0 to see if we can adopt Zimbra as our corporate mailserver.

    Zimbra Desktop looks really good, and has the makings of great client, which can beat the socks off Outlook. It needs a few more smarts though.

    1. Zimbra Desktop does not seem to have the ability to do a addressbook lookup against an external ldap server. Zimbra desktop needs the ability to lookup any ldap server for an address.

    2. Freebusy.
    We use a simple ftp server to which each employee publishes freebusy information according to RFC 2445.
    Outlook and Evolution can lookup the ftp server and read freebusy information based on the email address of the meeting attendees. They will also publish FB information to the ftp site. While outlook is limited to FTP, Evolution will do it to webcal, webdav and ftp.

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    I agree with option number 1. It BADLY needs that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdiperla View Post
    I agree with option number 1. It BADLY needs that.
    I am the 3rd person to option number 1. Our users need to get the address book of another ldap, but it seems not to be working in zimbra. Thunderbird had it and it was very simple to setup. I hope they can do it....Someone should make this as a wish list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by borngunners View Post
    I hope they can do it....Someone should make this as a wish list.
    Actually, someone should search in bugzilla to see if there's anything files for this type of feature, if there isn't then file an RFE. Bugzilla is the correct place for feature requests, posting a 'wish list' in the forums will not get the attention of the developers and an RFE will.


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