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Thread: Installation Problem

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    Default Installation Problem

    Sir I am using squid proxy server with user authentication. now when i try to configure in zimbra windows base in client machine and configure gmail or yahoo it shows an error

    help me to configure zimbra through squid proxy authentication

    thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forums

    Is this Zimbra Desktop Client or Server ?

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    in my squid proxy server the ip is 192.168.100.x and port is 3128
    now in client machine if i want to access internet i have to configure the http proxy with same ip and port.

    i have downloaded zimbra desktop from zimbra site and installed in my client machine. but when i configure yahoo or gmail it shows the errror i mentioned earlier .

    help me pls

    thanks 4 ur reply

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    In my office, internet access is through squid proxy.

    So when i am trying to install this zimbra desktop in my machine, it is giving error like

    " while proxying request to target server: HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required "

    So how to add proxy server settings in zimbra desktop client installation process..

    Can anybody help me out..

    Thanking you...

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