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Thread: Zimbra now Yahoo! thoughts

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    One thing that always impressed me about the Zimbra people was how open they are to the community and communicate all that is happening with their products.

    This no longer appears the case.

    My biggest concern is that release 4.5.8 still has no official announcement or blog post. But a yet to be released product (Zimbra 5 RC1) was happily announced.

    Why the non announcement ???

    Does this mean we can no longer rely on the Announcements forum and blog to keep us informed on whats happening to zimbra ????

    What was the urgency in changing the License and the need to release a whole new version just to incorporate it ????

    Do we need to upgrade our 4.5.7 installations just for the sake of a license change (which "appears" to be the same as the previous license) ?????

    This does not feel like "business as usual" to me ????
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    A big thankyou for the "announcement" posts regarding the release of 4.5.8

    *UPDATED*ZCS 4.5.8 Open Source Edition

    It has cleared up alot of concern and confusion.

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    The PC World article (see linkbacks below) is inane. That we'd hear skepticism from dozens (out of dozens of thousands) of forum users doesn't surprise me. One interesting point that hadn't occurred to me before: Brad Garlinghouse's bit about how Yahoo is *not* just a consumer business. Their domain registrar, Yahoo Store, etc. target pretty much the same sort of customer that Zimbra has been targeting. Many of those customers are probably interested in SaaS, but others are going to want on-premises software. The acquisition makes a lot more sense to me (from Yahoo's POV). The use of the Yahoo AJAX toolkit in the new (and much improved) "Standard HTML" client no doubt put relevant engineers in contact with each other, and given Comcast's relationship with Yahoo (co-advertising, etc), that's another tie-in.
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    Default Bad rap for yahoo?

    I went to an OSS conference at Yahoo! in April and listened to a lecture by Rasmus Lerdorf and many other leading figureheads in the OSS movement. I can't imagine why some developers are giving them such a bad rap with keeping Zimbra open source and not to mention their abundance of other free software and open source libraries like YUI web tools.

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    Default Interview with Satish

    I just wanted to share a link with you:

    Interview with Satish after the Acquisition (mp3 download and transcript)
    Read/WriteTalk » Blog Archive » Satish Dharmaraj - CEO Zimbra (Acquired by Yahoo)

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    I'm not familiar with the total history of how Big Corporate Tech Entities deal with their acquisitions, but here is a data point:
    Yahoo selling Kelkoo (or divesting as they call it) » Crowdstorm (the blog)

    The Yahoo/Kelko deal with about 3.5 years ago, enough time for -
    * the founders to leave
    * original crew to breakup
    * a stronger focus on the bottom line, quarterly numbers and all that good stuff

    Those 3 things seem to be a common (inevitable?) occurrence for these situations. Then again, Zimbra is not Kelko, it's:
    * in a different time period and investment atmosphere
    * a different product
    * in the Bay Area
    * possibly a better fit in the grand scheme of things according to the of the Yahoo Corporate Strategy wizards who are thinking 6 steps ahead of everyone else

    So maybe I should have no reason to confidently say "give it 3 years for Big Corporate Parent to erode away The Acquisition's innovation and culture" - but give it 3 years to enhance innovation and culture.

    Bah - who says in 3 years I'll be working at a place that wants me to admin Zimbra, but it's always fun to try to predict.

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    hi..there were 126 replies on this thread 1 hour back..last 10-15 replies all gone now
    i2k2 Networks
    Dedicated & Shared Zimbra Hosting Provider

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    Quote Originally Posted by raj View Post
    hi..there were 126 replies on this thread 1 hour back..last 10-15 replies all gone now
    7+ threads on the MS topic - the merged location is here
    John, Mods, & I merged them because they were filling all the recent/top thread locations with the topic, which keeps other people from getting the development or support help they need - that's the goal of these forums after all
    (If you hit a link to a moved thread it will redirect you to the big one.)
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