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Thread: Certificate Error/SSL Error When Attempting to Log In

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    Question Certificate Error/SSL Error When Attempting to Log In

    I am getting an SSL Error when trying to log into my Zimbra mail via Chrome. It is telling me that instead of reaching my account I reached a server identifying itself as and that it could be caused by a misconfiguration in the server or something more serious and I shouldn't proceed. I attempted to get in via Explorer and got a Certificate error.

    I have already cleared my dns by running the command ipconfig /flushdns. We've had this problem with facebook and google redirecting or getting this SSL error, so I tried the same resolution with no success. I also cleared my cookies, browsing history, etc. And I restarted my computer. No success.

    Also, my business partner (in another geographic location and using another router, service, and Explorer) is getting the same exact thing. Did we get hacked? Any ideas?

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