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Thread: Mobile Phone Field not Synching with Gmail contacts

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    Unhappy Mobile Phone Field not Synching with Gmail contacts

    I found it very easy to setup an account in Zimbra Desktop. The Address book seems to sync very nicely with Gmail contacts except for one major thing. The mobile phone field does not seem to come down into Zimbra Desktop.

    This is kind of important as many of my contacts only have mobile phones.

    Please advise. . .

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    Could you please file a bug for this? We will try to fix this for the next release. Thanks!

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    I have had the exact same problem with both importing and inputting mobile phone numbers into ZD Contacts. After some extraordinary frustration over lost numbers, I have been experimtenting with a work around that seems to work. Input and import all mobile numbers into the Other Phone field until this is fixed. Please reference my bug number 35186. Good luck!

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    I noticed the bug report said fixed in build 1503...

    Where can we find build 1503? Everything I've seen about Zimbra Desktop takes me back to the RC1 release, which is build 1482...

    Nevermind, got it sorted... I'm still getting used to this GUI, I hadn't noticed the updates button in the lower right menu. Thanks!
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    1503 is an interim release that only got pushed to users who opted into the beta network. these users receive more frequent updates. the option to join the beta network is on the last screen of installation.

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