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Thread: I'd Like to Help With Dev Docs

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    Default I'd Like to Help With Dev Docs

    I'm potentially interested in helping create developer documentation. I have published quite a number of tech books over the years and am conversant with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML and DOM stuff. But I've noticed that getting started with the ZimbraTK is non-trivial and I figured if I jumped in and offered to do some docs, maybe that would help me learn my way around here a bit.

    So any pointers to getting-started stuff?

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    Very nice that you are willing to help with the documentation. Mayby the people of zimbra can set up a Wiki so that more people can contribute to the documentation.

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    Welcome!! We've thought about a Wiki, but our planned next step is to post each doc in a comment-only (ie no new threads) forums. This way we can first correct and edit our current docs. In the future we may put all our docs on a wiki so they can be freely edited and updated by the community.

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    Hi, dshafer

    Thanks a lot in advance, It will be a graet help to me and all.


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