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Thread: DwtListView, DvListView and DwtTree

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    Default DwtListView, DvListView and DwtTree

    Looking at the DataViewer example and more precisely the DvListView class.

    Why does the function DvListView.prototype._createItemHtml create a new html table for each row ? Would it be possible to have only 1 html table for the whole listView and get the same behavior ?

    Once I'm done, I'd like to have something similar to the first attached image below.
    I'd want to have a tree on the left, containing nodes with complex data. I'd like to have the red lines on the image being sash so I could resize the view depending on the size of the data. Of course, if a tree node collapses, all the information of its node needs to be hidden.

    I am still asking myself what would be the best solution and you might be able to help me since you have a bigger experience. I was thinking of making a Composite that would hold a DwtTree and right next to it, put a DwtListView. I would also put a DwtSash between the Tree and the ListView, as shown in the second attached file ?
    What do you think ? Is there an easier/simpler way of doing the same thing ?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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