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Thread: SendInviteReply not causing Event Status to be updated

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    Default SendInviteReply not causing Event Status to be updated

    I am using SendInviteReply to update the status of an event but it does not seem to be updating it. Below is the XML request and response:

    <SendInviteReplyRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraMail" echo="1" html="1" id="361-360" compNum="0" verb="ACCEPT" updateOrganizer="TRUE">
    <e t="t" a=""></e>
    <e t="t" a=""></e>
    <mp part="" ct="text/plain" body="1">
    <SendInviteReplyResponse xmlns="urn:zimbraMail" invId="361-475" apptId="361" calItemId="361"></SendInviteReplyResponse>

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Not sure about including a message body <m>.....</m> in the request - but the most obvious issue looks like


    should be

    updateOrganizer="1" (or "0" for false)

    I haven't used echo or html in responses either. Not sure what they do in this scenario.

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    Hi liverpoolfcfan,

    I followed your suggestions and these are now the messages sent and received:

    <SendInviteReplyRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraMail" id="361-360" compNum="0" verb="ACCEPT" updateOrganizer="1"/>

    <SendInviteReplyResponse xmlns="urn:zimbraMail" apptId="361" calItemId="361" invId="361-509"></SendInviteReplyResponse>

    API said response should be <SendInviteReplyResponse status="STATUS"/>

    Am I still doing something wrong?

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    I take it you are looking at soap-calendar.txt. The documentation there is incorrect - I've added to track that.
    I suggest you look at SOAP API Reference Material Beginning with ZCS 8.0 - Zimbra :: Wiki and the ZCS 8.0.4 SOAP API reference
    Gren Elliot
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