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Thread: shared tags or other kind of "marks"

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    Default shared tags or other kind of "marks"

    Hello All,

    is it possible to share a Tag with other Zimbra accounts? I've read the end-user documentation and seems not

    My goal is: given a shared folder accessible to many users, I would like to "flag/tag/mark/..." a message in this folder in order to let other users know that this message has been treated for some stuff by someone else. Of couse I do not want to use the already-available "red flag", or I could use this with another color at least.

    Any suggestion on how to achieve it?


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    What Zimbra version are you using?

    Tagging shared items was introduced in zimbra8.
    Federico Bertola
    CTO @ StudioStorti

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    Indeed we're using Zimbra 7.2.2.
    Happy to hear this, since my Company has already planned this upgrade ;-)

    Grazie Federico!

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