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Thread: script for account reporting?

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    Default script for account reporting?

    Hey guys.

    I have been struggling to get a script together for reporting of accounts.
    Basically I need a script that will do the following.

    Get all accounts on the server, by domain.
    Then once it has all the accounts by domain, it must get the following information:
    Account quota, account quota in use, account active state (active / suspended), archving (yes / no)

    Please if you could help I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can start from /opt/zimbra/bin/zmaccts and add the info you want, you can merge info from zmprov gquo servername

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    I found a script on the forums and have edited it slightly.
    The script is creating all the files but is not populating it. The script does work without the loop. But as soon as the loop is added, the files come out blank.

    Here is the script.

    var=`cat domains`

    rm -f $output
    touch $output
    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov gqu $server|grep $var|awk {'print $1" "$3" "$2'}|sort|while read line
    usage=`echo $line|cut -f2 -d " "`
    quota=`echo $line|cut -f3 -d " "`
    user=`echo $line|cut -f1 -d " "`
    status=`/opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov ga $user | grep ^zimbraAccountStatus | cut -f2 -d " "`
    echo "$user `expr $usage / 1024 / 1024`Mb `expr $quota / 1024 / 1024`Mb ($status account)" >> $output
    cat $output | mail $SendTo -s"Mailbox Usages for $var"

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