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Thread: Different sizes of messages and attachments per users, not global

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    Default Different sizes of messages and attachments per users, not global

    What I will like to add to Zimbra is to have a global size for attachments like 10 MB, and allow some users to be able to send bigger attachments, or have other users with a lower limit. And if possible to do the above by groups of users.
    Is there a way to do this, MailScanner can do this, but I tried implementing MailScanner with a howto online, it didnt work.
    In order to change this is it possible to do it with a zimlets or it involves to much work.


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    Culd you tell us your ZCS version?
    (And please fill your profile out with that info.)

    I will give it a try to think about the solution.

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    Please file an enhancement request at

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