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Thread: PostIt-Attachments to Emails / RFE

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    Default PostIt-Attachments to Emails / RFE


    we would appreciate(and immediately buy ZCS :-) ) the possibility to
    add/attach something like a PostIt-note to an existing mail, in order
    to be able to type additional internal informations(dozens of words),
    (not intended for the final receiver) e.g. how do we proceed?

    When you hover over the PostIt-(icon?) it should be shown as thumbnail
    and of course, when you open the mail, it should be impossible to
    ignore it. Comments written/added to this PostIt should be write protected.
    Zimbra Tags are a great future but they are not well suited if more
    information needs to be added.


    I entered this RFE in Bugzilla. Please vote on Bug 10637. Thank you very much!

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    I voted for it, but I think it will be marked a duplicate of enhancement request 1883 (which I recommend you vote for


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    that would really be an amazing feature, because more infos than on TAGs could be added and because the comments are write protected. :-)

    As I can see, that great RFE (with features not available in the other RFE) was marked as duplicate last monday. Does that automatically mean, all the unique features of that RFE are not considered at all?


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    Default Add to bugzilla...

    Please comment on bug 1883 if you'd like to suggest some extra functionality for the RFE...
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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