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Thread: Cannot modify appointment

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    Default Cannot modify appointment

    Hi All,

    I use the zimbra client JAVA API to create/modify appointment via ZMailbox. Creation process works fine but when I try to modify the created appointment I get the following SOAP fault exception:

    com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapFaultException: The specified Invite is out of date (has been updated): f4e1413f-4c68-4198-a0d9-6b07325bb172:822
    ExceptionId:btpool0-199:// b5cbf

    My code source is as follow:

    // get mail box
    ZMailbox mailbox = ZMailbox.getMailbox(options);

    * create appointment
    // create message
    ZMailbox.ZOutgoingMessage outgoingMessage = new ZOutgoingMessage();
    // message subject
    outgoingMessage.setSubject("Test zimbra JAVA client API");
    // message part
    outgoingMessage.setMessagePart(new MessagePart("text/plain", "This message may be deleted because it's just a test"));

    // create invite
    ZInvite invite = new ZInvite();
    // create invite
    ZComponent comp = new ZComponent();
    // set start date to the current date and time
    comp.setStart(new ZDateTime(ZimbraClientUtil.toVCalendarFormat(new Date())));
    ZDuration duration = new ZDuration();
    // set the default task's duration to 30 minutes
    // set organizer
    comp.setOrganizer(new ZOrganizer("aina"));
    comp.setName("Task name");
    comp.setLocation("Task location");

    ZAppointmentResult appointmentResult = mailbox.createAppointment(ZFolder.ID_CALENDAR, null, outgoingMessage, invite, null);

    * modify the created appointment
    ZAppointmentResult result = mailbox.modifyAppointment(appointmentResult.getCal ItemId(), ZFolder.ID_CALENDAR, new ZDateTime(ZimbraClientUtil.toVCalendarFormat(new Date())), outgoingMessage, invite);


    Please help to solve this problem.

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    Default I have same problem

    I have same problem.
    Is it solved?


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    ZAppointmentResult result = mb.modifyTask(appointmentResult.getInviteId(), "0", null, message, invite);

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