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Thread: Is there any way to flush cache via SOAP request?

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    Default Is there any way to flush cache via SOAP request?

    We are building an interface between a login product and zimbra, when user enters the portal and before we pass the preauth token to zimbra we need to know his/her account status information, if the admin user has just blocked the user and the account status request goes to a server other than the one his/her account is hosted the server responds with the old account status, that is why we need to know how to do a zmprov fc for that domain via SOAP request for certain server.

    Thanks in advance

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    I've never tried this myself, but I think you can do that by sending this for certain server.

    <cache type='skin|locale|account|cos|domain|server|zimlet '>
    [<entry by={id|name}>value</entry>+]

    You can find sample code at flushCache method in

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