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Thread: Multiple Mailboxes in Zimbra Web Client?

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    Default Multiple Mailboxes in Zimbra Web Client?


    I recently installed Zimbra and must say it's a great product; however, the missing feature I've noticed so far which prevents me from deploying it is the lack of being able to use multiple mailboxes simultaneously from within the Zimbra web client.

    For example, in Exchange/Outlook you have the ability to have multiple mailboxes including the Inbox and Calendars loaded into the Folder List pane (assuming you have the necessary access to that account). I'm sure this works with Zimbra as well presuming you’re using Outlook but I'd prefer to dump Outlook in favor of the web client entirely.

    So, my questions:
    1) Are there any plans to view other account mailboxes and/or calendars from the Folders pane in Zimbra?
    2) Are there any plans to allow a From: field in the new message window which would allow you to send mail from any of the mailboxes listed in your Folders list?
    3) Are there any plans that would allow you to view another user's calendar to see where they might be? We use this extensively to figure out where an employee is.
    4) If any of these items are being considered, are the mailbox access and appearance within the Folders pane controllable by the administrator, user, or both?


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    1) Mail is something we plan to add. You an share/view/manage calendars and contacts today. Outlook obviously supports all 3.
    2) Yes. It's a highly requested/voted on feature.
    3) You can do this today with shared calendars.
    4) Both.
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