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    I ve the Zimbra (opensource) which is working fine, but when am trying to run of my own build am getting the follwoing message

    "DNS ERROR resolving MX for new-host-8.SME
    It is suggested that the domain name have an MX record configured in DNS
    Re-Enter domain name? [Yes]"

    And here I don't know what to do with it, and for a while I skipped the above option by typing 'N', I further continued and after all when I typed https://localhost:7071 in the browser, it is taking to tomcat server. So thankful for the help & suggestions in this regard


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    You need to have a correctly configured /etc/hosts file and you also need to be able to resolve your server via DNS, so you need to install a local DNS server. If this is a local DNS then do a search in the forums for 'DNS in a nutshell', if it's a split DNS then have a look in the wiki.


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