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Thread: javamail modifications

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    Default javamail modifications

    I recognized, that the javamail package coming with zimbra is not the original one - IIRC, Protocol.getInputStream() was never public and POP§Message had never a dispose method. Can you provide the patches of your modifications (e.g. beneath ThirdParty), plz?

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    While I'm not familiar with those particular modifications, I'll see about a ThirdParty/javamail+patch in the pubic repository - as you want the .java source files not the compiled classes in ZimbraCommon/jars/mail.jar However, realize that most of it's usage (and that custom work) is actually on the way out for us.

    We use our own for Zimbra Desktop since beta 3:
    Bug 21453 - For IMAP aggregation replace JavaMail IMAP client with our own (the JavaMail one performs embarassingly) > Bug 25025 New IMAP/POP3 client library needed to replace JavaMail

    Right now the JavaMail hacks are only used by the online data source code, and we plan clean source import/compiles in upcoming future, with the possible phase out entirely further off:
    Bug 29727 - Switch server side IMAP data source to our own IMAP client > Bug 35711 - mail datasource code consolidation
    Bug 35837 - Upgrade to JavaMail 1.4.2 'Once the bug is fixed, we should be able to upgrade to JavaMail 1.4.2 without modifying the source.'

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    OK, thanx.

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