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    Short version first:
    a. I want to use Zimbra for "Newsletters", meaning sending mails to thousands of users at once.
    b. This should be doable with distribution lists
    c. My first "live" test gave a lot of "Too many hops" errors

    Currently, I don't know if I "miss-used" Zimbra for a purpose I shouldn't have and not continue on that issue.
    The issue was due to the customer's mailserver (not being mine/the one hosting the distribution list).

    Anyone else have experience with "Too many hops" error?

    Now for the long version:
    My goal was to redo a feature for my customers I had on qmail (in the dull pre-Zimbra age). A simple php app only needed to write a text file onto qmail to create an alias (e.g.

    I was able to recreate this in Zimbra by using Soap and the Distribution list. I even could add more features like "disabling" an address.

    All basic tests went fine, but probably because of the ideal circumstances surrounding them.

    My first live test with a customer didn't go well at all.
    Most of the 1500 addressees in the distribution list didn't get the mail send from the customer, problem "Too many hops".

    Possible problem:
    Too many servers involved:
    - The customer used his own SMTP server instead of my Zimbra server, this certainly added to the hop-count.
    Could this be the issue? As simple as that?

    Of course I could configure an account for the customer on my Zimbra to eliminate a few hops.
    Should I try this?

    If anyone needs more Info, PM me for message headers for a deeper analysis.

    Thanks a lot for feedback and help.

    Best regards,

    Marc M.

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    Sounds more likely that you have a email loop and the outbound email is being bounced between two servers.

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    I'm not 100% into counting loops, but the messages eventually arrive at destination, just being rejected because of too many hops (eg: 27 when server limit is 25).

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    Has this issue been addressed? Have a request to do a similar 'Newsletters' feature using our Zimbra box to outside folks and wondering if I need to be concerned with the 'Too many Hops' issue, or if this was just an issue with Marc's setup possibly. Thanks!

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