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Thread: Accessing unread messages via REST

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    Default Accessing unread messages via REST


    I'm trying to access my unread messages via REST. Right now im trying to do it via RSS with the following url"is:unread" but i get an empty feed, if i remove the query string i get all the messages, the query string looks like it's not working.

    Where can I get a list of all the REST services i can access, I found about the RSS on All REST and no play… » Zimbra :: Blog and found it a very helpful but would like an up 2 date list of services.

    I want to use REST because I don't have much experience using SOAP.

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    Use the FQDN of your server not an IP address, it works for me. You'll find some details of the REST interface in the wiki.


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    Does it work if you remove the quotes around "is:unread"?
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    Yes it is now working. thanks!

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