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Thread: What IDE and frameworks are used by Zimbra staff?

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    OK , I figured this out ... I installed SYSDEO plugin for eclipse and now I can debug server-side .... I was not able to download it before as the sysdeo website has been down ... I thought they were not online anymore .

    I have a question about svn ... I am still using the code I downloaded a month ago ... I just tried to check-out from svn but this newer code doesn't want build ... says it is missing ZimbraCommon ... my main concern is how stable is the code from svn ? Last few times I tried to check out there were build problems .

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    ZimbraCommon is only in the tip(main) the branch EDISON is perfectly stable. We'll get the ZimbraCommon added soon to the tip.
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    ZimbraCommon was added to the svc repository last night.

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