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Thread: [SOLVED] Usage of method zimbraMailBox.getAppointment()

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    Default [SOLVED] Usage of method zimbraMailBox.getAppointment()

    I am trying to get the list of attendees of an appointment. for this I get the summary of appoitmnet for today and then from there get the list of appointments. from list of appointmnets i get 1 appoitment and get its appointmnet id....
    Now I try to use the method zimbraMailBox.getAppointment() but it gives me an exception: invalid attribute:id

    My code is :

    List<ZApptSummaryResult> appSummaryResult = zimbraMailBox.getApptSummaries(null,1217390400000L , 1217476800000L, folderIds, TimeZone.getTimeZone("Europe/Brussels"),null);

    for (int i =0; i< appSummaryResult.size();i++){
    ZApptSummaryResult zAppSmR = appSummaryResult.get(i);
    System.out.println(zAppSmR.getFolderId()+"<--This is folder id");
    List<ZAppointmentHit> aapointmentList= zAppSmR.getAppointments();

    for(int j =0;j<aapointmentList.size();j++){
    ZAppointmentHit hit = aapointmentList.get(j);
    System.out.println("\nStart date"+hit.getStartDate());
    System.out.println("End date"+hit.getEndDate());
    System.out.println("Start time"+hit.getStartTime());
    System.out.println("End time"+hit.getEndTime());
    System.out.println("ConversationId"+hit.getConvers ationId());
    System.out.println("InviteComponentNumber"+hit.get InviteComponentNumber());
    System.out.println("SeriesComponentNumber"+hit.get SeriesComponentNumber());
    System.out.println("SeriesInviteId"+hit.getSeriesI nviteId());
    ZAppointment Zapp= zimbraMailBox.getAppointment(hit.getId());
    StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
    List<ZInvite> list =Zapp.getInvites();
    for(int k =0; k<list.size(); k++){
    ZInvite zInvite = list.get(k);
    ZComponent component= zInvite.getComponent();
    List<ZAttendee> attenddes= component.getAttendees();

    for (int m = 0; m < attenddes.size(); m++) {
    ZAttendee participant = attenddes.get(m);
    System.out.println("List of Participant is:"+sb.toString());
    appointmentId = hit.getUid();



    Can somebody tell me what is the valid value of ID in zimbraMailBox.getAppointment(String id) method

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    I am also getting same problem. I have tried both calItemid(###) and InviteId(###-###).

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    Default Link to post with anwser

    Though, I haven't tried it..........Somedya says this is how we shud go....
    Here's the link to the post

    [SOLVED] How to retrieve a single appointment java

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