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Thread: how can i get the username and password of database in zimbra

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    Post how can i get the username and password of database in zimbra

    hello , everyone . now i want to know something about the data of mysql database , but i don't know how to get in mysql database , i can't see username and password of database , so please me :how can i get username and passwod ?thanks

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    You won't be able to pull people's passwords out of the database, even if you're accessing it directly. Passwords are stored in most systems as a hash, which is used to check against the password. This is for security, in case someone were to acquire access to your database.

    If you want to access the MySQL database, you can use 'logmysql' as the zimbra user.

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    Is this what you are looking for?

    su - zimbra
    zmlocalconfig -s | grep mysql | grep password

    MySql Password - Zimbra :: Wiki

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